Transformation that works


Key Concepts

  • Built for effective interaction. By configuring exam rooms to promote communication and collaboration, the Office of the Future facilitates meaningful face-to-face interaction. The layout makes it easier for providers to focus their attention on patients. And patients notice the difference.
  • Let's take a closer look...from afar. The Office of the Future will be a hub for care, including care delivered remotely. Video-conferencing, digital scopes, and other diagnostic tools bring specialists ‘into’ the primary care office.

Steps to Consider

  • Rearrange the furniture to facilitate communication and information sharing.

  • Consider using furniture that is more comfortable for patients and family members.

  • Use video and camera capabilities for documentation and collaboration with specialists.


Current Partner: Herman Miller, VisualDx, GE Ultrasound

Previous Partners: Avizia, Steelcase