Transformation that works

Past Projects

Reverse Integration of Primary Care into Behavioral Health

In this project with Wheeler Clinic, CIPCI embedded primary care within a behavioral health clinic (rather than the other way around) for patients with severe mental illness with or without co-existing substance use disorders. In addition to care, this project involves inter-professional education and the development of a registry. 


Value Measurement for Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) Care

CIPCI is working with Michael Porter and Robert Kaplan at Harvard Business School on measuring both outcomes and cost associated with the current model of delivering care for CHF patients versus an Integrated Practice Unit that will be designed around patient needs. The current model, involving primary care, CHF clinic, specialists, the Emergency Department, and hospital are undergoing process-mapping.


Emergency Medicine - Primary Care Coordination

The goal of this project is to improve health through a value-oriented approach that coordinates care across the emergency medicine – primary care continuum. CIPCI is working in both Hartford, CT and Hanover, NH with clinical leaders, care coordinators, patients, community groups, and administrators on this project.  A major focus is on improving coordination of care - and coordinating the coordinators - for high utilizers of the ED.