Transformation that works


Key Concepts

  • Better engagement = better data. Customizable health questionnaires automatically integrate with the EHR, and provide real-time feedback for clinicians.  These questionnaires are designed to be interactive and fun.
  • Patient education 3.0. The Office of the Future focuses on engaging patients in meaningful learning. Practices can customize the education their patients receive and collect automatic documentation of completion.
  • All are welcome. A modern mix of seating creates a comfortable and engaging environment.

Steps to Consider

  • Rearrange furniture to create comfort for small groups.
  • Use educational videos to add value for patients.
  • Talk with your organization about automating patient intake and questionnaires.
  • Assess patient flows and wait times.


Current Partners: Herman MillerTonic,, NextGen

Previous Partners: Emmi, HealthwiseSteelcase