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Reflections on the Primary Care Office of the Future

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 |  By Jonathan Lis

Having worked with CIPCI for two and a half years, I consider myself relatively aware of the current climate in primary care. I helped with the inaugural implementation of the Primary Care Office of the Future exhibit in May 2014, and thus I was able to see some of the workflows, tools, and technology that will be utilized by primary care teams in the near future.

However, presenting at the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine (STFM) Conference on Practice Improvement was an entirely new and unique experience for me. Not only was the exhibit more impressive, more innovative, and more practical than in 2014, but the audience was entirely different. Speaking to nearly 300 family practice clinicians and practice administrators about ways they can innovate and improve the primary care experience for the patient and the team was something I enjoyed tremendously.

Most inspiring for me was seeing participants become inspired and enthusiastic about tools and topics I presented. I was able to see a twinkle in the eyes of clinicians who felt reinvigorated and energized about their passion: providing quality primary care to patients while enjoying themselves.

Furthermore, this style of practical, hands-on presentation was far more interactive than any poster or research I’ve presented. The style of the exhibit required my best presentation skills, to groups of ten participants every fifteen minutes. It was highly demanding, but also extremely fun, as I was teaching alongside my CIPCI team members and showcasing the cutting edge future of primary care delivery that many individuals rarely get to learn or experience.

I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to teach, to present and inspire others within the field of primary care. Presenting has inspired me as well, and given me hope that primary care is in its dawn, not its dusk.

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