Transformation that works

CIPCI created the museum-like experience in May 2014 and recently partnered with the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) to enhance the exhibit for national audiences. See highlights from our major showcases below and take a virtual tour of the concepts on The Office of the Future main page.  

AAFP's FMX 2017

CIPCI and the AAFP partnered for a second year to bring the Office of the Future to the FMX 2017 (Family Medicine Experience) conference in San Antonio, TX. An expansion allowed visitors to learn from experts in practice transformation and ensured that everyone who visited the exhibit left with new and valuable insights about improving primary care. 

AAFP's FMX 2016

CIPCI and the AAFP partnered to create the Office of the Future at FMX (Family Medicine Experience) 2016 in Orlando, Florida. At least 1,500 family physicians and team members toured the exhibit. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and almost 75% of those asked were likely to implement a change in their office.

STFM Conference on Practice Improvement 2015

In partnership with the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine (STFM), CIPCI demonstrated the Office of the Future at the Conference on Practice Improvement in Dallas, Texas. Over 300 family medicine educators participated, and 80% of those asked were inspired to implement changes in their settings.

Hartford 2014 Premiere 

In May 2014, CIPCI created the Office of the Future exhibit to expose local stakeholders to innovative practice designs and technology for primary care transformation. Approximately 180 primary care providers, team members, learners, and state leaders toured the exhibit. Since 2014, the concepts have been packaged as a hands-on workshop to share at medical schools, practices, and local and national conferences.